It is that time again!
Dues are $75.00, Payable to “TCRCAM”
Add a  copy your of 2018 AMA card

Mail to:

Larry King
11591 167 Place N
Jupiter, Fl 33478

Still plan a membership meeting November 17
Will advise when date is firm


President’s Report

  • The field is in great shape.
  • The canopy is back up (was removed for storm)
  • Signs are back up.
  • Have a new gardener (for $10.00 less) doing a good job
  • Two new wind socks installed
  • I want to have a meeting but with the weather have not been able to schedule.
  • Now plan to have one in November – will let you know ASAP
    So enjoy the great field and hope to see you all then.
    Best, Larry