Secretary’s Report, November, 2016

November 5, 2016

1. Larry opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

2. The treasures report was read and approved. In December we will talk about the small C.D. We may cash it in as we may need money to operate the club. We barely squeak by with 60 members. If we need to cash it out we will get the club’s approval.

3 The last meeting was short and the purpose was to form a committee to elect new officers. No committee was formed; only three of four people showed up.

4. No old business was discussed. The main reason for this meeting was to nominate new officers. As there were no nominations the present board will serve again.

5. It was brought up that members can pay their $75.00 dues at any time by just showing their 2017 AMA card. As soon as you pay, Larry will get you a new card.

6. We had an inquiry to fly drones here and the Board decided we could but they had to follow the same rules we have had for years for the helicopters. The person who inquired was not at the meeting. It was questioned about the drones flying out of site with cameras. They have to fly line of site just like we do with the planes.

7. It was agreed that we will have a fun fly, cookout and swap meet December 10th for members. There will be $300-400 in prizes. I mentioned the float fly Walt Moucha is having in December.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jacque Mittendorf, Secretary

Swap Meet and Fun Fly Rescheduled to January 14, 2017



Club members are invited to a Swap Meet and Fun Fly on Saturday December 10.

The Swap Meet is not open to the public but a member may bring a guest.


Official Flying will start at 9:00am, after the club meeting.

  • Pilot prizes for the 1st 20 fliers!
  • An ARF Airplane to be awarded by raffle after lunch.

Everyone present at 10:00 am will be invited for a hamburger/hot dog lunch. Please bring a Covered Dish. Note: Drinks will not be provided.