President’s Report, June 2015

All is quiet at the field.


We have had one noise complaint which prompted us to use the db meter again. Most checked OK but  a couple were marginal and adjustments were made. (my Edge540 was 2 db high and I have plugged the exhaust and gone to a larger prop to bring it down). Again beware of the noise as there must be a “zero” tolerance.

Treasurer, Don Brodasky, has moved and can no longer manage our accounts. He did an “outstanding” job and we thank him for that.

My Son Larry (not junior) has agreed to fill that position. He will be paying our bills and preparing the monthly report for posting on “TCRCAM”.

You will notice that our money is going to be very tight but the field is in good shape and except for a new canopy, plus normal expenses, I think we will be OK.

So, fly-safe, watch the noise, and enjoy one of the best fields in Florida!

Regards, Larry