President’s Report, February 23, 2015

We are pretty much all set for the new year. Insurance sent to the owner, AMA Charter renewed, field in great shape, etc.

We have a problem which I bring to your attention.

Several individuals are flying who are not members.We now have at least four “freeloaders” who will not pay their dues. Trust me, I know who they are, but they fly at odd times when Board members and myself are not at the field. So we must all help solve the problem.

I am going to post a membership roster at the field. A roster is also included as an attachment to an email that I sent to the members.

Any person, excluding bona-fide guest, who does not have a current membership card should be told to leave.

Don’t believe it when they say “Larry said I could fly”. If that is true then I will be with them!

I don’t want to make a “federal case” out of this but I do think it must stop!

Any questions please feel free to call me.



December, 2014


Beginning Balance $47,386.06
Checking Balance $1,644.05
All Star Toilets$93.69
Byrnes Mowing$160.00
Coffee & Donuts$24.35
All Star Toilets$93.69
Total Disbursement ($491.73)
Past Disbursements(not picked up already)
#1827 Web Site$100.00
#1829 Toilet$80.15
#1844 Tire Tracks$100.00
#Byrnes Mowing$160.00
Total Disbursement Adjustments ($440.15)
Total Membership $2,600.00
Ending Checking Balance $3,312.17
Total Escrow Funds $45,756.34
Total Ending Balance $49,068.51