December, 2014

President’s Message, December 2014

All is quiet at the field. Our money held out, we have about $300 left in the bank after paying December bills. We also gave Mike, the farm manager, $50 for Thanksgiving and will give him $100 for Xmas.
He asks for nothing but we do this every year. Speaking of Mike, as you know the farm was sold. There is a new person in charge overall but luckily we still deal with Mike on a daily basis. Jacque has a great working relationship with Mike.


There will be a membership meeting Saturday, December 13, @0900. Coffee at 0800. The floor will be open for officer nomination. If none are received your current officers have agreed to serve again. I won’t go into detail but let me tell you, Jacque and Don put in a lot of time taking care of club business. They really make my job easy!

To date I have received only thirteen membership renewals.

Again, if all of your information remains unchanged then simply send me a copy of your 2015 AMA and a check for $75.00 made out to “TCRCAM”. Please make an effort to get this in right away. It really helps me get the cards done – which will be mailed about Dec 1.

So, come fly and have a great “Holiday”.

Larry King
11591 167 Place N
Jupiter,Fl 33478