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Information about the Club

How to Join


TCRCAM is an AMA chartered club. We have members who are active in every type of radio controlled flying. The flying site that we use is one of the finest anywhere. Unlike most other flying sites, it is located entirely on private property. The private property is a  busy working farm.

The club field is located off  Route 76A just west of the St. Lucie Canal in Martin Country, Florida. The field is located on a private airfield labelled as “Tropical Plantation Airport.”,-80.30551&spn=0.06693,0.081968&t=m&z=14
The farm management has placed restrictions on the membership to insure that we will not interfere with the farm. Most of these restrictions involve our movement on farm property. Entering and exiting the farm is an important part of the rules placed on our members. This is why it is necessary that guests and non-members enter only with a club member.

If you do not know a club member, please call any club member, who will see that you are escorted to and from our flying site. Anybody stopped by farm security will be prosecuted for trespassing unless they are properly escorted. The farm management is very clear on this matter.

Thank you,

Board of Directors

Membership Fees:

You must be an AMA member before becoming a member of the TCRCAM. The website for the AMA is

Adult (18 and up) $75
Junior Members up to 18 Free
Initiation Fee $50


Treasure Coast Radio Control Aero Modelers – Membership Application

Name _______________________________Spouse’s Name_____________

Street _________________________________________________________

City ________________________________State _________ZIP________

Home Phone______________________Cell Phone____________________

E-Mail Address_________________________________________________

AMA #___________________________IMAA #______________________

Transmitter Frequencies You Use:____________________________________

Renewing Members: $75.00 (Juniors – FREE) per year. Dues are due by January 1st of each year. Any member not paid by January 1st (except special cases approved by the Board of Directors) will be dropped from the roster. Such individuals must re-submit a new membership application, and is subject to a another initiation fee.

New Members: $75.00 per year (prorated) plus a $50.00 initiation and processing fee.

*Please attach a copy of your AMA card.

Make checks payable to TCRCAM and send to:

Larry King
11591 167th Place N.
Jupiter, FL 33478