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It is that time again!
Dues are $75.00, Payable to “TCRCAM”
Add a  copy your of 2018 AMA card

Mail to:

Larry King
11591 167 Place N
Jupiter, Fl 33478

Still plan a membership meeting November 17
Will advise when date is firm


Field Loses Canopy and Wind Sock Mast is Broken after Irma

I was out flying this morning for the first time after Hurricane Irma went through. The field is in good shape except that the canopy over the picnic tables is gone and the mast for the wind sock is broken. There are also a few branches broken off the pine trees behind the pilots’ area.  I did enjoy 3 flights but the downwind parts of the flight were much more interesting than the upwind parts. It was windy!

Autogyro does not have Permission to Use Field

Joe Obermeyer snapped this picture of our neighbor’s autogyro on the field.

Like most aviation people I am fascinated by autogyros and I like to see these curious inventions flying. Unfortunately, they don’t have permission to operate out of our runway. The problem is liability. If anything goes wrong, we can be held at least partially liable. The pilot understands that he doesn’t have permission yet he continues to use the field because it is convenient to his home. When you see him or his wife at the field, remind him that he doesn’t have permission.

Airtronics is Disappearing

I am probably one of the few owners of an Airtronics radio in the club, but be warned: Sanwa, the owner of the Airtronics radio brand has given the US distributorship of Airtronics radios to Serpent America in Miami. At this point Serpent America is not stocking parts for the radio and the old website is no more. I was able to get Tony Stillman, the owner of Radio South to repair my SD-10G after the battery burned up while charging, but he wasn’t able to get all of the parts.

Swap Meet and Fun Fly Rescheduled to January 14, 2017



Club members are invited to a Swap Meet and Fun Fly on Saturday December 10.

The Swap Meet is not open to the public but a member may bring a guest.


Official Flying will start at 9:00am, after the club meeting.

  • Pilot prizes for the 1st 20 fliers!
  • An ARF Airplane to be awarded by raffle after lunch.

Everyone present at 10:00 am will be invited for a hamburger/hot dog lunch. Please bring a Covered Dish. Note: Drinks will not be provided.